By Rhealyn C. Pojas


Are you tired of doing “Stomach Vacuum”? That is, the act of sucking in your stomach just so you would look a little leaner? Well, you wouldn’t have to do that anymore, and if you’re going to do that then better not do it alone, as a group of individuals in Palau had formed an organization to promote healthy and active lifestyle in a fun way.

The Palau Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Free Club, a non-profit organization, has been established in September 2016 for the purpose of promoting healthy lifestyle through exercise, good nutrition, abstinence from alcohol and smoking, helping reduce and prevent the occurrence of NCD, educating the public on how to live healthy and NCD-free lives, and promoting and advocating good public policies with respect to fostering healthy lifestyles.

The group is encouraging everyone to join them in their journey to promote their goals. By being part of the group, one could find encouragement in beating those lazy bones and at the same time, earn some acquaintances as well.

The Palau NCD Free Club has days in a week scheduled for some physical activities such as the group walk every Tuesday where they start off at the Palau Community College (PCC) to a certain destination they agreed to reach and the weight loss competition every Saturday. The ones who lose the most weight have exciting prizes awaiting them at the end of the year – a positive reinforcement so to speak.

Part of their mission is to really spread their cause to other people and allow others to be part of their club and participate in the weight loss competition.

The group follows certain rules and regulations and if a member is found to violate one or two of these provisions, depending on the weight of the violation, he or she is going to be sanctioned.

Through their own money which they collect by imposing a monthly due of $2, the group is able to sustain their activities coupled with sheer will and passion. Aside from that, the group also gets the support of President Tommy Remengesau Jr., the main sponsor of the organization. Just recently, the group also received another support through free club shirts donated by Senator Mark Rudimch.

The group is now aiming to increase the number of their team which is currently headed by the following:

President – Kenjiro Dengokl

 Vice President – Jerry

 Secretary/Treasurer – Estalislaus Katosang

 Board Chairman – Kaleb Ngirngebedangel

 Advisor – Nace Soalablai

So whether you are young or old, fat and stout or thin is not a problem with this group. They all welcome those who would want to join their cause.