By: L.N. Reklai

(Koror, Palau) A letter expressing concern and seeking reconsideration of Koror State Governor Adachi’s response to the national government’s request for building permits and use of adjacent water area next to Marine Resource, was sent to Governor Adachi of Koror State on November 30, 2016.


National government through the Ministry of Justice had requested Koror State Government for building permit approval to construct the new Division of Marine Law Enforcement building and to construct and expand the existing wharf for the new patrol boats.  Also requested was the use of adjacent water area to extend the wharf  for the new patrol boats donated by Nippon Foundation.

Koror State Governor Adachi had decided not to take action on the request until the national government and Koror State first sit down to discuss and resolve other uses of Koror State lands by the national  government.

In the letter written by Chief of Staff Secilil Eldebechel to Governor Adachi, he stated that the President is deeply concerned that such decision may impact the relationship with Japan and with the major donor, the Nippon Foundation which is providing $70 million in support of Palau maritime enforcement.

The $70 million will pay for a patrol boat larger than PSS Remeliik and two additional smaller boats, a wharf, a new building to house marine law enforcement as well as pay salaries of new marine law officers and fuel for years to come.  This assistance may be jeopardized by this delay, according to the letter.

Furthermore, it states that whilst President understands the need for the national government and Koror State to meet and discuss mutual understanding and cooperation in the use of other Koror State lands and water areas utilized by the national government, he asks that they be dealt with separately from this request.

COC Eldebechel relayed President Remengesau’s request for Governor Adachi’s understanding and urgent reconsideration of his decision on this request. [/restrict]