By: L.N. Reklai

Renewed efforts to locate the missing woman, Ochob Jacee Soto Iyar, has yielded a little bit more information narrowing the search for the investigators, according report released by Director Aguon Ismael, head of the task force investigating the case.


Based on information received, they have been able to identify the last person seen with her, her husband Inis Remoket, the time she was last seen, between 3am and 6am of September 18, 2016, and the area she was last seen at, around Bayside Bar area and the Koror State Solid Waste Management Compound at M-Dock

The report also provided details on the clothes she wore and vehicle she was seen inside before her disappearance.

“Some pieces are coming together and within the last 48 hours new evidence has emerged and has been put to investigative purposes. Our team is currently scouring the entire radius of the “area of last location” from land to coastline searching for evidence,” reported Director Aquon.

The police report denies rumors of arrest but states that Mr. Inis Remoket voluntarily agreed to questioning by the police numerous times.

“More details of this case are withheld due to investigative purposes, however, the public has been very helpful throughout this investigation, and we urge anyone who may know any information to contact us.”  Aguon asked the public to come forward with any information, particularly around the time and in the area where Ms. Iyar was last seen.

Please call, Bureau of Public Safety’s Criminal Investigation Division at 488-2412 or Director. Ismael Aguon’s 24 hour number at 775-3339, BPS Patrol Division at 488-1422/488-5000 and 911 for Emergency.

You can also call the Crime Stoppers @ 488-8477 (TIPS). [/restrict]