Arrival numbers continue to drop this year, 13% below 2015

By: L.N. Reklai

Month of October 2016 recorded the lowest number of visitor arrivals since April of 2014, according to Palau Visitors Authority’s visitor arrival statistics.  A total of 8,987 visitors arrived in October 2016 compared to 12,456 in October of 2015.

The overall arrival numbers to date shows a total of 119,152, a 13.6% below 2015 arrivals. Comparing month of October 2016 to October 2015 shows a decline of 27.85% less this year than last year October.


People’s Republic of China continues to show the largest decline in terms of total numbers but remain the leading market.  This month, PRC numbers dropped by 2,247 compared to same time last year.

Japan market and Republic of China – Taiwan also continue to show decline. Japan numbers dropped by 27% compared to same time last year and ROC dropped by 55.6%.

US and European markets shows modest increases this month.

According to PVA, April, May, June, October and November are normally slow months. ANA, Japan Airlines, Thai Smile and Trans Asia showed no flights in October which impact the number of arrivals.

Typhoons in the recent months may have affected tourism arrival numbers from ROC, Japan and PRC, according to PVA.

Closure of Jelly Fish Lake and visa program continued to be the most the most asked questions by visitors wanting to come to Palau.

To maintain current tourism growth level, Palau needs to see an increase of 1,200 customers per month in 2017 according to Palau Visitors Authority. [/restrict]