Incumbent Governor Blesoch “Jahbles” Aderkeroi of Ngardmau State leads by 28 votes over contender Renguul Masahiro for governor’s seat in the 10th Ngardmau government, according to unofficial results from December 4th General Election.
The top 10 votegetters for the Legislature at Large in order of highest votegetter, were Bradley Kumangai, Armstrong Amo August, Diana Smau, Tarita Holm, Terence Miozawa, Neil Fisher, Masao Sabo Esbei, a write-in Joshua Buikringang, Norman Aderkeroi and Albert Ngirmekur.
There are a total of 421 registered voters and 239 casted their votes. Absentee ballots are expected to arrive this week. Difference between gubernatorial candidates is deemed too wide for absentee ballot to make a difference but for candidates in 7,8,9 and 10th place, difference is narrow and changes could occur after the absentee ballots are tallied.

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