To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, Palau Pledge will launch a new initiative called Palau Business Pledge.
The new pledge, which was created by Palau’s business community along with the consultation from world-leading experts seek to improve Palau’s Tourism industry both economically and sustainably.
A range of businesses in Palau’s tourism industry will be the pilot of the Palau Business Pledge. According to the Palau Pledge Press Release, the pledge will help cut costs via new environmental initiatives and will educate staff as well as visitors on the Palau Pledge.
The Palau Business Pledge will also help with Palau’s Responsible Tourism Framework and Responsible Tourism Educational Act. The pledge will take effect in 2021 and it will help distinguish Palau to the minds of tourists that are traveling post pandemic.
President Remengesau stated that “we must work to build back better, and bluer, from the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Palau Pledge reminds us, we are borrowing this ocean and its bounty from our children.”
While CEO of PICRC and administrator of PNMS Dr. Yimnang Golbuu added that “we join Palau Pledge in celebrating its 3rd anniversary. By promoting cultural practices and inviting our visitors to respect our culture while being mindful of their actions towards our environment, the ethos of the Palau Pledge amplifies our desire to continue keeping our island Pristine Paradise.Palau”
After taking effect in 2017, the Palau Pledge has inspired countries such as New Zealand, Finland, Hawaii, and Philippines to implement similar pledges.

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