Happy Fritz has been formally charged for allegedly selling methamphetamine known as “ice” while in jail for previous charges based on documents filed by Attorney General’s Office on Wednesday.

In early May, a report came out that 42 grams of methamphetamine had been found in a prison cell occupied by Ms. Fritz and three other cell mates.  Report alleged that the drugs belonged to Ms. Fritz but stated that investigation was still being conducted on the case.

This week five felony charges include three Trafficking Controlled Substance charges, Promoting Prison Contraband in the First Degree and Possession of a Controlled Substance were formally filed against Ms. Fritz.

According to charging documents, on May 3rd, Ms. Fritz got into an argument with cell mate Charity Wilter.

Ms. Charity Wilter, Jewel Oilang Bauster and Donacia Ngirdimau, three cellmates of Ms. Fritz in separate interviews said Ms. Fritz has given them methamphetamine or “ice” which all four have smoked.

Based on the interviews, search was conducted by Corrections officers and NEA officers and methamphetamine was found on Happy Fritz  as well as in a rice container and inside a lamp inside her cell.  Also confiscated was a cell phone, marijuana, U.S. currency and drug smoking paraphernalia.

All four women were tested and were all found positive for methamphetamine.

Ms. Bauster, also in the interview, alleged that Ms. Fritz also provided “ice” to other inmates outside their cell.

What is still unclear is how Ms. Fritz brought in the drugs into jail including a cell phone, marijuana and drug smoking paraphernalia.

Ms. Fritz who is in custody for allegedly carrying 50 grams of “ice” into Palau from the Philippines inside her body cavity on April 20 of this year, has remained in custody due to non-payment of $5,000 bail money.