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Currently two Judo athletes are in Japan for next two weeks attending an Olympic training camp Judo sensei Ismael Aguon. Jennifer Anson who is the Leader of Palau Judo Kids will be taking nine students to Germany next week for a week long Judo exchange program.

Training in Japan is a result of an agreement between Palau and Hitachi-Omiya city, Zao town where Palauan athletes can be trained for Olympics 2020.

The two athletes who are in Japan training for Olympics 2020 are of age 16 and 22.

While Aguon who is the Director of Narcotics Enforcement Agency serves as the president of the Judo Federation, Anson who is Anti-Human Trafficking Office coordinator serves as the vice president of the Judo Federation.

“Sunday night, two athletes and one coach left to go to Japan. They are currently in Zao town, for this week they will be training in Zao town and next week in Hitachi-Omiya.” Anson said.

The nine kids who are going along with Anson to Germany will be staying with host families and visit different dojos to practice and compete with German students for one week.

The youngest judo player participating in the Judo exchange program led by Anson is nine-years-old while the oldest is 17.

Anson added that there will be Belau games once the athletes are back from Germany and Japan where they will participate in Judo along with others.(By Eshan Kalyanikar)