Aimeliik State leaders, past and present and two of the living framers of its Constitution joined to mark the 38th anniversary of the State’s Constitution last evening, July 1st, 2021.

“We are fortunate that we still have two of the original framers of our Constitution with us today and wish them good health,” stated Rengulbai Kalistus Ngirturong of the original framers Teruo Rengulbai and Lighter Dolmers who attended dinner ceremony.  Another still living framer Skeras Ucherrengos, was unable to attend due to ill health.

Delegate Warren Umetaro, read the preamble of the State Constitution, lauding the framers for their wisdom which today, he said, continue to provide stability and strength to Aimeliik government and its people.

Governor Browny Simer welcomed all saying that based on previous decision made during former Governor Demei Obak’s term, to conduct a full state Constitution Day event once every five years, the State holds small events in-between to mark the anniversary of the its Constitution.  Next State-wide celebration of the Constitution will be held in 2023.

In attendance at the dinner celebration were Governor Browny Simers, Speaker Jefferson Eriich, Legislators Jason Timulch, Larry Mamis, Wridan Ngiralmau, Leilani Senior, Kyle Ongesii, Scott Weers and Kolas Eriich. Constitution Framers who were in attendance were former speaker Teruo Rengulbai and Lighter Dolmers.  Also present were traditional leaders, Chief Rengulbai Kalistus Ngirturong, Dirrengulbai Sariang Timulch and representative of Idolodaol of Ngchemiangel.  Aimeliik Delegate Warren Umetaro and former governors, Paul Reklai, Demei Obak and Leilani Reklai were also present.

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