Airai State procurement officer Vilma Yoshiwo was sentenced on Friday after being convicted of Theft of Government Property in the First Degree, Code of Ethics violation, and Misconduct in Public Office.

Her convictions involved directing Airai State employees to use Airai State government time, equipment, and property to renovate her personal residence in Airai.

Ms. Yoshiwo was sentenced to 18 months of incarceration but all were suspended on condition that she completes 5 years supervised probation, pay fines of $2,500 and pay restitution to Airai State of $2,769.01 and “not work for Airai State while under probation.”

Initially, Yoshiwo has testified that governor Tmewang has directed her to “have the state carpenter renovate her home so Ms. Yoshiwo could decide if the carpenter deserved a raise.”  But after she later apologized at the court, the judge believed she was sincere in remorse and understood that she had broken the law.

Another condition imposed on her was that if she is hired by another state government during her probationary period that she would not be hired in the capacity of a procurement officer.

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