Gustav Aitaro, a civil servant with decades of foreign service experience, appointed as Minister of State by President Surangel Whipps Jr. was confirmed unanimously by Senate and will be sworn in today as the new Minister of State. 

Mr. Aitaro’s entire career has been focused in foreign affairs and served in number of capacities within the Ministry of State as Director as well as other foreign affairs services.

Ministry of State under the re-alignment program of the new administration acquired new bureau and divisions and also included re-organization within the ministry. 

Ministry of State acquired the Bureau of Archive and Media, under which divisions of Archives and Record Management and division of Media and Information Services.  Under the Bureau of Domestic Affairs, a new division of Gender was also created.  Under Bureau of Foreign Affairs, regional divisions were also created.  Division of U.S. North, Central and South American Affairs, Division of Africa, Caribean, EU and Eurasia, Division of UN and Pacific, Division of East Asian Affairs and Division of Protocol,.

In addition of being responsible for national defense, Minister of State will be operationalizing the re-organization within the Ministry of State.

Mr. Aitaro becomes the 7th Minister approved out of the 8 expected number of Ministers.  Ministry of Health and Human Services is the remaining ministry awaiting a minister.

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