Ministry of Health and Human Services (MHHS formerly MOH), reported that Palau has only one remaining positive cases in isolation at the hospital awaiting final testing for COVID-19.  The other one who was identified to be positive for COVID have been released after 2 tests, 24 hours apart all came back with negative results.  The remaining person is awaiting final testing.

Meanwhile, out of the 26 close contacts of the abovementioned persons tested positive for COVID, have been cleared after day 1, 3, 10-days tests have all come out negative and they have been released.  The remaining close contact is said to be in quarantine pending day 10 test.

The one probable case is still under quarantine also pending additional testing.  Report MHHS says that there is only 1 active, one recovered, 2 historical cases and under quarantine.  The report also states that there are no active cases in the community.

In addition, MHHS report also revealed that 14,504 adults are fully vaccinated and 913 adolescents are also fully vaccinated. Total of 15,417 are fully vaccinated which translates to 87% of total population based on a population projection of 17,651.

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