On October 23, 2023, Drukair, a Bhutanese carrier, signed a contract agreement with Alii Palau Airlines to commence a  Singapore to Palau flight, According to the airline’s Facebook page.
Alii Palau Airlines is a new company which set to provide direct flights from Singapore to Palau. The airline announced that it would service Palau in the summer, then moved its launch date to September and then again to November this year.
Alii Palau Airlines, CFO “AJ” Johri in May said the company was initially going to use Myanmar Airlines.

: But due to sanctions against Myanmar, we felt it was not right to use the airline, so we are going to use a different airline,” she said.

 According to the airline website, it will start flying from Singapore to Palau on Nov. 23.

The website says that for booking it should contact the airline and it also announced that it is offering a discount for the flights.

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