US Ambassador John Hennessy-Niland addressing the completion of Angaur airfield improvement.

The Angaur Airfield Renovation Project was completed on the morning of August 27, after a week of clearing the runway in Skojo, Angaur. The airstrip, which was originally 140 feet wide, is now 290 feet wide and 7,200 feet long, large enough to accommodate a commercial jet.
Surangel and Sons Co., along with CTSI, provided the man-power to accomplish the task, with the help of US military personnel.
Governor KennosukeSuzuky thanked US Ambassador John Hennesey Niland at the opening ceremony for the help of the US military, which he said will strengthen the relationship between the governments of Angaur and the United States.
“I and the people of Angaur will continue to welcome you, and if there’s any work that needs to be done down the line, the State of Angaur will welcome you,” the Governor said.
The Koa Moana task force was present to oversee the project before they depart Palau this upcoming Saturday, along with members of the CAT team.
Special representative guests at the opening ceremony were U.S Navy Commander Fong, U.S Marine Lieutenant Stona and U.S Army Major Gamble Cee.
Governor Suzuky also recognized the responsibility Angaur has to maintain the airstrip.
“When everyone leaves . . . Angaur State has a big job to keep this airport clear,” he said. “And if there is any way we can have equipment to keep this airport the way it is now, the future humanitarian and military personnel can use it without it going through the work again.”
Ambassador Niland said that the work looks great upon finishing, and that he’s proud to see this project come through, knowing that he and many others did not believe it would.
“Being the Ambassador gives me the power to help a little bit,” he said. “We are partners and we are friends. We won’t do anything that causes disagreement or do anything that people don’t want. We have a special relationship with Palau. My job is to make it better and stronger.”
The 100-acre land will now be used by the military for the purpose of radar operation, and one week into September 150 US soldiers will be flying in to do exercises. They will set up camp at the old military base in Angaur.
Angaur has a long history with the US military, once serving as station for the US Coast Guard.

Angaur airfield improvement completion

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