2nd Farmers Market selling local pork products. Event was a successful one.

The second Farmer’s Market held yesterday was a successful event anew, serving as a way to support small farmers and local businesses in time of COVID-19 pandemic.
Held once again at the Koror-Babeldaob Bridge, the market bolstered food security, with local farmers selling fresh produce from vegetables, locally-raised pork and freshly caught tuna.
With the help of the Palau government, through a subsidy, the Palau Livestock Association was able to sell pork at the reduced price of $1.50 a pound.
Moses Uludong, a member of the Association said 15 pigs were readied for the market and by noon the produces were almost sold out.
The government has provided a $50,000 subsidy to the local farmers and with the success of the first market in July, anotherone was scheduled this month.
The market also provided local fishermen the opportunity to showcase their catch. Before 11 a.m. the Belau Offshore Fisheries Incorporated (BOFI) was able to sell at least 50 lbs. of vacuum-sealed frozen yellowfin tuna.
Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism UmiichSengebau said the BOFI now has the capacity to process local tuna products and provide the domestic market with Grade A tuna.
Selling the tuna at $8.00 a pound, Sengebau said, the market provides a venue to the local community to buy tuna which is a good source of healthy protein, especially in a small island that rely mostly on imported and processed food.
Local vegetable farmers also displayed local produces such as eggplants, cucumber, lemons, coconuts to help fulfill essential food needs of the country. ( B. Carreon)

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