By: L.N. Reklai

January 2, 2016 (Anguar, Palau) Ushering in the new year, Anguarians’ inaugurated their  18th government in a peaceful and unique style.

Mr. Ken Uyehara  is installed as the new  governor of Angaur State.


In the transfer of authority from one government to another was demonstrated with a Palauan customary style of transferring of title, or “omelai el dui”.  Exiting governor Marvin Ngirutang transferred the new government by handing the “dui” over to Governor Ken Uyehara.

The new government under Uyehara promised to be as aggressively progressive as Governor Uyehara brings to the table his extensive education and experience in various fields of business and leadership.

The last two years under Mr. Ngirutang’s leadership have lead to some proactive and progressive ideas aimed as “setting up Angaur on the path of progress” as former governor Ngirutang had promised for his State.

Mr. Ngirutang has been hired to lead the Angaur Protected Area Network program.  Under his term, Anguar enacted its own PAN Law, submitted a site which was accepted by the national PAN program.

“I will continue to support our government and my State by contributing in whatever capacity I can,” stated Ngirutang. [/restrict]