The Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) is asking motorists to be patient with the traffic congestion caused by the ongoing road works to replace old waterlines for the Koror-Airai water supply system.


PPUC CEO Kione Isechal in an interview said that congestion is unavoidable since the road works has to be conducted at the main thoroughfare.

“The issue we have is you know we got a project and its right in the middle of the road. The only road right down town Koror and its causing a lot of inconvenience to the people and there is to be some frustration,” Isechal said.

Isechal has been conducting interviews with radio stations to explain the project and ask for the public’s patience.

Isechal said the traffic congestion is a “short time inconvenience” and that the project will have long- term benefits.

The project will be completed in 2018, which will replace the ageing water pipelines and reduce water loss due to the old pipes.

The major components of the project are: 1) Strengthening the transmission main from Airai Water Treatment Plant to Ngerkosowaol service tank; 2) Rationalization of water distribution zones which includes establishing Malakal zone with construction of new Malakal tank; and 3) Extension of transmission main to the tank and replacement asbestos-cement pipes.

“All and all benefits are there, I just need to articulate the benefits, what are the small inconvenience and problems. We are asking the public for cooperation and this is only for a short term,” Isechal said.

An earlier press statement from the Bureau of: Public Safety said that the government is currently working with PPUC and all the contractors for better options of work hours; better site controls and management to help ease the congestion.

It  added, that the National Police will continue to man intersections; construction sites; and schools zones during rush hours to help improve the flow of traffic. The National Government continues to collaborate with relevant entities to assist in traffic controls on secondary roads. [/restrict]