15 September 2016- Eight US Air Force officers from the US Pacific Command Hawaii were in Angaur yesterday to inspect and assess the Loran US Coast Guard Base runway that was used by the US Military between 1944 to 1978.

On the ground to greet the special American guests were were Chief Obak Andres Uherbelau (former Minister of State) and Angaur State Delegate Mario Gulibert.  [restrict]

It has been the top priority of Governor Marvin Ngirutang Administration to convince the US Military to rebuild this World War II runway.  Before the Palau International Airport was built, Palauans traveled to Angaur to catch their flight to the outside world.  It is in the best interest of Palau and the US that a second FAA standard runway be built in Angaur to contribute to the safety interest of Palau and the security interest of the United States, says Governor Ngirutang. [restrict]