Another employee of the Ministry of Health (MOH) had recently completed a health education training at the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital in Taiwan.

MOH employee Dreng Akiwo had embarked on the four-week training with the collaboration of the Nutrition Center at the Belau National Hospital.


The Nutrition Center, which offers free consultation regarding health/diet plans & lifestyle changes that support healthy living, was established by MOH in partnership with Shin Kong Hospital.

The health education training offered at Shin Kong Hospital focused on oral health with an emphasis on nutrition. Topics included healthy eating & diet for individuals with hypertension, diabetes, and chronic kidney diseases. The training also covered oral cancer and oral hygiene instruction.

Akiwo has been employed at the Ministry of Health for many years. She currently works as an Oral Health Educator. She is the second employee to be trained as a Health Educator for the Nutrition Center.

“I am satisfied with my learning program. It helped increase my knowledge and skill. In the future, I will promote healthy lifestyles and good health practices among patients and community members through one-on-one counseling as well as group counseling in Palau based on what I learned in my training program,” Akiwo said.

The Nutrition Center and Exchange Training Program are made possible through the Taiwan Medical Program (TMP).

TMP coordinates the medical referral program, training, and technical assistance between MOH and Shin Kong Hospital. The program is sponsored by a grant from the government of the Republic of China—Taiwan. (PR) [/restrict]