The Palau National Scholarship Board (PNSB) has elected its new officers during the board meeting on February 6.

The board elected Kevin Polloi as its new chairperson who will serve a one-year term.

Raynold Mechol was also elected as the Vice-Chairperson, Dr. Christopher Kitalong as the Treasurer while Emilia Katosang remained as the Secretary.  The newly elected board members include Caroline Skebong, Emery Wenty, and Meked Besebes. 


In preparation for the coming school year, the Palau National Scholarship Board would also like to announce the availability of scholarship applications for the PNSB programs as well as certain other country-sponsored scholarships.

The Scholarship Office team are now conducting their high school visits throughout Palau to inform high school seniors about the various scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship programs and deadlines for applications are advertised by the PNSB in this newspaper.

Any inquiries may be directed to the Palau National Scholarship Office located at the Palau High School campus or call 488-3608 or 488-5424, or email or visit for more information. (PR) [/restrict]