Rock islands clean up conducted by Koror State RISL, PVA, BTA and Chamber of Commerce rucks up over 5,000 lbs of trash.

Another successful coastal clean-up took place on Friday, October 2nd with the amount of trash picked up equal to 5,558 pounds. This exceeded the previous amount of 4,994 pounds from the September 8 cleanup.

Trash was picked up at different Rock Islands including Ngemelis, Bkul A Smiich, Ngerchong, Ngebus, Ngarametou, Kisakes, Moir, Ngeruau, Bablomekang, and Youlomekang. A variety of trash was picked up such as plastics, foam, tires, and even a television set.

Those involved in the clean-up are from an organization called the “Quad-Org” which consist of Bureau of Tourism, Belau Tourism Association, Chamber of Commerce, and Palau Visitors Authority.

Others who signed up for the clean-up include Palau High School, CAT Team, Palau Central Hotel, Palau Tourism and Hospitality School of Excellence, and Sam’s Tours.

Sam Scott, CEO of Sam’s Tours and Vice President of Belau Tourism Association who is involved in the coastal clean-up said that he wants to keep Palau’s waters as pristine as possible.

Koror State Government Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement believes in collaboration with the community to mitigate the trash coming from outside the Rock Islands.

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