Latest semum (trochus) survey conducted by Bureau of Marine Resource and PICRC shows 20% increase in the number of trochus per hectare over the 2016 survey.

Estimated 2.9 million out of the 3.3 million estimated individuals are of legal harvestable size according to a survey conducted in 122 sites from Kayangel all the way to Peleliu.

Of the surveyed trochus count, 86% of the population are greater than the legal size of 3 inches and 48% of the population are greater than 4 inches.

This latest study conducted by both PICRC and BMR shows that the population of trochus has been increasing both in size and number as well as density.

Trochus is illegal to harvest unless authorized by resolution of Olbiil Era Kelulau (OEK).  Bureau of Marine Resources provides its survey data and recommendations to OEK.   Based on data provided in the survey, OEK through a resolution may open or close a harvest season for trochus.

Trochus shells are usually sold to east Asian countries for use various products such as cosmetics or buttons or jewelry.  Trochus meat is a local delicacy which is made available during the declared open seasons for trochus.

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