Another young man is found dead as a result of self-harm, merely a week after the last reported suicide incident involving a 31-year old male occurred.

Early Saturday morning, a family in Airai was traumatized to find their 19-year old son, Joshua Teriong, deceased in their residence.  A report from the police said that the deceased young man “appeared to have committed suicide” at their residence in Airai.  The case is said to be under investigation.

According to findings in the RPPL 11-17, the law requiring psychoautopsy of all suspected suicide-related deaths, 41 Palauans committed suicide in the past 10 years with 9 occurring just since 2019.

Common risk factors cited include “economic insecurity, family and intimate relationship conflict or instability, family history of suicide and alcohol or drug abuse.”

Furthermore, a 2020 Palau Youth Survey showed that 31% of Palauan youths contemplated suicide in the past year, and 24% attempted suicide in the past year.  (By: L.N. Reklai)

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