Palau Telecom (also known as PT Waves) has launched its first cellular sim card with data capability. “We have had sim cards before but it was only for calls and texting. This new sim card comes with data and allows users to access the internet in Koror and Airai,” said PT Sales & Marketing Manager Kim Misajon.

“Our old sim cards still work because they do not expire. It can be re-activated to include data, calls, and text,” said Misajon. “Also, on our sim card, you are not charged when people call you.  So even if you have zero load and someone calls you, you can still receive a call.”

Misajon said PT Waves wanted to launch this service last year, but due to COVID restrictions, it was delayed until now.

Special promotion packages are being offered for new, active, and inactive subscribers in celebration of the launch of this new service.

The new sim cards are only available at the Palau Telecom Office in Malakal, but it is expected to become available at local convenient stores in the near future. The “load” or airtime for data services are also available at Palau Telecom Malakal Office and Belechel Store at M-Dock.

Coming soon to PT Wave customers is the new online one-stop portal service. “Customers will be able to go online, check their balance, buy packages and monitor their accounts. This is expected to be fully operational next month,” added Misajon. The site is

Palau Telecom is a family-owned local telecom company, one of the three licensed to operate telecom services in Palau.

For more information, contact 488-2628/488-1536, or visit or @palautelecoms on Facebook.

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