The Project for Strengthening Capacity in Non-Revenue Water Reduction in Palau officially began with a kick-off meeting between PPUC representatives and JICA expert team members on Monday 28th March 2022.
A few years ago, JICA supported PPUC with a Grant Aid Project for Improvement of the Water Supply System that included installation of new water distribution and transmission lines as well as construction of the new Malakal water storage tank. Despite these
improvements, PPUC still struggles with high non-revenue water (NRW). This is what prompted PPUC to seek additional assistance from JICA to further enhance PPUC’s capacity to reduce NRW.
PPUC looks forward to accomplishing the three outputs set through this partnership:

1) Establish a pipe renewable plan
2) Establish a leak detection manual
3) Improve water use monitoring and public awareness

In the meeting, PPUC CEO Frank Kyota welcomed the team and extended PPUC’s gratitude to the Japanese people and government for their continued assistance and partnership over the years. He further added that this Project will “help improve our [PPUC’s] efforts to recover production costs and return of investment which will definitely put us on our path to be more sustainable.”
The public is reminded to use water wisely and be more mindful about their water usage. Conserve water whenever possible. Make sure all faucets are shut tightly and use your water meter to check for leaks. For more tips on water conservation, please visit PPUC’s website and Facebook page.

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