Cooperation imperative among law enforcement agencies: urged VP Uduch Senior

Anti-money laundering and asset forfeiture training with different law enforcement bureaus and agencies is conducted this week by Asia Pacific Group and facilitated by the Financial Intelligence Unit. 

Vice President and Minister of Justice Uduch Sengebau-Senior, who gave the keynote speech to the over 25 law enforcement participants, emphasized that working together with a common goal ensures that the “standards of living of the Palauan people” are raised.

Placing emphasis on close collaboration, Vice President Senior stated, “Having different factions within the state creates silos and inhibits progress.  Building fictitious walls sometimes arises out of ego.  Pulling in different directions does not help.  It is with concerted action and coordination that progress can be achieved.  Cooperation within the different ministries, bureaus, and offices is therefor imperative.  We need to put our heads together for our common good.”

The training brings in members of various law enforcement agencies, such as the Criminal Investigation Division, Transnational Crime Unit, Customs and Border Protection, Department of Tax & Revenue, Immigration, Foreign Investment Board, and others, to learn how to work together to identify and investigate fraud, money laundering, and similar crimes and where to obtain support and technical assistance to help with investigations.

Palau laws on money laundering and fraudulent crimes are broad, said Adair Fincher, Director of Palau’s Financial Intelligence Unit.  The training covers the process of questioning that help investigators and prosecutors narrow down and target those involved in such criminal activities.

The training is conducted by Mr. Michael Petty, an Asia Pacific Group consultant with more than 27 years of experience with the Australian Federal Police covering most major crime types.

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