By Francis Talasasa , Reporter

Vice President Antonio Bells is pleased with the outcome of his campaign preparation and has confirmed that he is looking towards an outcome that would go well with the people come to the Presidential Primary election September 27.


Based on his campaign strategy, his vision falls basically on good governance on the rule of law to uphold principles of transparency where secrets will no longer be an issue as the public must be well informed of their rights. He said he wants a government that will operate under those principles to bring a stable and proactive leadership.

In his house to house talks with people around areas in Palau, people have shown interest in government issues and understand that they want to adjust leadership.

He claimed there are factors also involved vie to turn a twist for September 27.

He believed he will get in. because that was what he has been working for recently. I am most hopeful than ever before since the people are throwing their support.

Vice President Antonio Bells is running against his superior together with a female politician Sandra Pierantozzi and Surangel Whipps Jr.

Surangel Whipps Jr. has been holding his rallies around the island as well as extensive house to house visitations and townhall meetings.  He, unfortunately could not be reached for his take on the upcoming primary prior to this paper going to print. [/restrict]