Making handmade accordion books with Margo

Various agencies in Palau are becoming aware of the local interest in the arts and the talent we have right here in Palau. The Palau High School now offers students the option of getting involved in the arts and developing their talents with the establishment of the PHS Theatre and Arts Club. The Belau National Museum offers arts workshops for both seniors and youth. A new independent organization called the Ad Hoc Arts Club offers art workshops every Tuesday evening at the Palau Community College. Art offers a chance for people to make money, make their own handmade clothes, jewelry, improve quality of life and enjoy a hobby. Art and tourism are closely connected. Visitors look for locally made art objects. Art experiences benefit school students- when art is a part of the school curriculum, students learn problem solving, critical thinking and how to use materials to make useful things. Art is also an important part of culture learning – knowing our traditional skills gives students an awareness of their own history and increases a sense of identity. -Margo Vitarelli

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