Ministry of Health & Human Services has reinstated strict preventive measures at the Belau National Hospital.

The strict preventive measures that were relaxed after COVID-19 cases declined have been put back in place, including not allowing visitors inside the hospital wards, allowing only one attendant with a patient, limited movement in and out of the hospital, and mandatory wearing of masks inside the hospital and in other MHHS facilities.

The return of strict measures is due to increased COVID-19 cases in patients admitted to the hospital, according to the public announcement issued.

The latest situation report from the Ministry of Health & Human Services shows 17 new cases as of October 7.  The last situation report of September 30 showed four (4) new cases.  The number of new cases is still low compared to previous months.

Breakthrough infections of COVID-19 can still happen even if a person has already received the vaccine.  Vaccines, according to MHHS, “prevent severe illness and death” and urge people to get boosted.

Over 18,100 people in Palau have been fully vaccinated with over 12,800 having been boosted.  Palau’s projected population is 17,651. 

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