The Attorney General’s Office is pleased to announce that Ms. Allison Trout has passed the 2017 Palau Bar Exam. She was officially sworn in as a counselor of the Supreme Court of Palau by Associate Justice Materne on October 16, 2017. As an Assistant Attorney General, Ms. Trout primarily represents the Environmental Quality Protection Board and the Palau Election Commission.


Ms. Trout first came to Palau for a scuba diving vacation after graduating from South Texas College of Law in 2012. A few years later, she returned for another vacation and decided she wanted to make Palau part of her life. Luckily, the Attorney Generals’ Office was hiring, and she has now worked for the Attorney General’s Office for two and one-half years.

Palau has not only affected her professional life – it has transformed her personal life as well. She met her boyfriend here in Palau and they now have a beautiful 16-month old daughter together. She also continues to scuba dive on the weekends and enjoys underwater photography as a hobby. [/restrict]