By: L.N. Reklai

October 19, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Palau Election Commission  this week certified candidates to Koror State General Election and candidates to Ngaraard State General Election to have met the qualifications of the office.


Qualified candidates for Koror State General Election include seven (7) running for the Office of the Governor, Lillian Uludong, Franco B. Gibbons, Eyos Rudimch, Alfonso Diaz, Roman Yano, Sam Yoyo Masang and Harry Rubasech  Fritz.

Qualified candidates for Ngaraard State Office of the Governor include Benjamin Iskawa, Isaac Bai, Isaac Soaladaob and John Mengidab.

Both states saw the most number of candidates for Legislator-At-Large registered this general election.  Koror State is seeking five (5) At-Large candidates and has 19 vying for At-Large slots.  These are Alan Marbou, Vierra Toribiong, Ann Pedro, Jose Ise, Jason Nolan, Susan Ngirausui, Elicita Morei, Kazuki “Topps” Sungino, Kenjiro Dengokl, Pauline Ina Rivera, Uchel Sechewas, Jennifer Sugiyama, Carson Olkeriil, Alonz Moses, Millan Isack, Clint Mersai, Earnest Ongidobel, King Malsol Sam and Sinesio Sandei.

Koror State is also seeing the most number of women candidates in this election, with one running for the Office of the Governor and nine running for At-Large and hamlets.  Geggie Udui, Pia Morei, Ilebrang Olkeriil and Jennifer Akiwo are running for hamlet representatives, while Ann Pedro, Jennifer Sugiyama, Pauline Rivera , Elicita Morei and Susan Ngirausui are running At-Large.

Ngaraard State needs four (4) candidates At-Large out of ten (10) registered candidates. Candidates are Duane Tochi, Dwight Alexander, Frank Malsol Jr., George Matsuda, Jefferson Matul, Joseph Ngcheed, Keizy Shiro, Lydia Ngirablosch, Victoria Maui and Wilbert Ngirakamerang.

Of the five hamlets of Ngaraard, all are unopposed except for Choll county with two candidates, Cleophas Robert challenging incumbent Saburo Remoket.

Ngaraard State will hold its general election on November 9, 2017 followed by Koror State on November 14th.  These are two of the top four States with highest number of registered voters in Palau. [/restrict]