Palauan students attending schools in the Republic of China-Taiwan, got together to celebrate Palau’s Independence Day  on October 24, 2020.

Samantha Iyar, student and Secretary for the Taiwan Palau Student Association said that despite the global pandemic, they were able to get together and celebrate their country’s Independence Day.

“Taiwan’s efficiency and swiftness in handling the Coronavirus has allowed us to proceed with our daily lives as usual which is why we are still able to have small get-togethers like this recent Independence Day event.  We are truly grateful,” expressed Samatha Iyar.

The association President-Kenley Kenneth, Vice President-Janine Tewid, Treasurer-Dir-Oumelei Sengebau, Secretary Samantha Iyar and the Taiwan Palau Student Association, expressed their appreciation Shin Kong Hospital and Vice President Raynold Oilouch for sponsoring their events. 

There are over 60 Palauan students in Taiwan according to the Taiwan Palau Student Association. 

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