By Francis Talasasa , Reporter

The increasing number of lawless driving in Palau, which is sparking fear to public’s safety is now coming under the closer scope as Attorney General John M. Bradley is said to have taken steps to consider heavy punishment measures.

Reports confirmed, despite past cases been heard in court and that offender being punished, the number of cases continues to increase.

Five traffic cases have occurred within not less than a two-week period during the month of October, all of them related to alcohol, causing danger and damage to others properties.

An example of a penalty ignored is a count under the influence of liquor while driving. The count spells out a penalty of imprisonment for a period of not less than one day and not more than one year and a fine up to one thousand dollars as a first convict.

Other counts such as criminal property damage in the second degree, classified as a misdemeanor have a similar penalty such as Punishable by imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of up to one thousand dollars or both.

In doing so it has been identified that the need to increase fines is very important. This is in order to heavily punish drivers who put lives and properties at risk.