Bai ra Meketii

Bai ra Meketii, the traditional seat of Koror State Traditional Leaders located at the heart of Koror, is set to be rebuild at a cost of a little over a one million dollars, according to recently adopted law KSPL No. K11-310-2019.

The findings of the law states that current Bai ra Meketii which is the “center of operations for the House Traditional Leaders” has deteriorated to “unacceptable” levels.

The structure which also serves as shelter for emergencies as well as facilities for other public functions is extremely deteriorated and can no longer be used as purposed.

The law further states that Ngarameketii and Rubekulkeldeu “meet in surroundings that are depressing, and unfitting given their important role as a symbol of traditional law and values.”

Futhermore, it states that the building was no longer joyous or conducive for serious town hall meetings due to its decrepit state.

The current Bai ra Meketii served as seat of Koror State government for decades before the current Koror State Government building was constructed.

It sits on the central platform of the original Bai ra Meketii, the center of Koror traditional government.

The bill was introduced by all Koror State Legislators Marbou, Pedro, Nolan, Akiwo, Andreas, Eberdong, Franciso, Isaac, Marcil, Mariur, Ngiramowai, Ngirausui, Omelau, Rengulbai, Sugiyama, Tellames and Toribiong.

It was signed into law by Koror State Governor Franco Gibbons on September 27, 2019. (L.N. Reklai)