Lentcer Basilius, former delegate of Melekeok State, is the latest person to announce his candidacy for the Senate seat up for grabs this December 13, 2022.

There are now four (4) persons running for the one Senate seat that was occupied by late Senator Regis Akitaya until his untimely passing in September.  The four interested candidates are Salvador Tellames, Ann Kloulechad-Singeo, Jackson Henry and Lentcer Basilus.

Although all of the above listed persons have expressed their desire to run for the seat, none has formally filed petition with the Palau Elections Commission.  Deadline for filing is November 28, 2022.

Below interview questions were sent to each of the candidates to answer.  The information will give voters more information about their potential candidates. 

Candidate Basilius answers the following interview questions.

Q.        You have decided in such a short time to run for office, given the recent vacancy. What is the driving issue that affected your decision to run?

A.        I love public service; only two years in this 11th OEK, before the next general election, we need to ensure laws are enacted with beneficial impact on our communities and the people of Palau. 

 Q.       What do you believe are the top three (3) issues facing the Republic that law makers need to address?

A.        Cost of Living, Tourism recovery, PGST Tax, Power Water, all economic recovery, we must have a plan of action.

Q.        Of the 3, which is the one of immediate priority?

A.        Cost of Living

Q.        What would you say is one skillset you have that you believe is needed or will make a difference with you being in OEK?

A.        I have some experience in congress, as a congressman from 2008 to 2020. Iā€™m familiar with the process and I can deliver with action.

Q.        In brief, what would you say to voters to make them choose you as their next Senator?

A.        With Great dedication to serve the people of Palau, I will work hard with pride and dignity to assure greater benefits to our communities and the people of Palau.

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