On December 9, 2016, The Bureau of Cultural Historical Preservation (BCHP) Office kindly donated $200.00 to Palau Association of Libraries (PAL). This kind donation will aid with some of the association’s goals and objectives to ensure its continued efforts in:


  • Promoting public awareness of library resources and services in the Republic of Palau.
  • Encouraging networking, cooperation, and resource sharing among the libraries of Palau.
  • Working with other community groups and educators to develop and promote programs to increase literacy and promote reading in Palau.

PAL would like to extend its appreciation to Ms.Sunny Ngirmang, Director of BCHP for her continuous support. Your contribution will have huge impact in our effort in promoting library services. In addition, we at PAL would like to also recognize Ms. Moline Smaserui, BCHP Historical Preservation Specialist, an active PAL member for her instrumental part in support of the association. [/restrict]