A group of Palauan women, on their first visit in the Belau National Museum on August 25, said that the museum is a treasure for Palau.

Dirrebrak Elecita Morei of the NgaraMaiberel, a group composed of women, told Island Times that they are proud to know that people in the past had thought about preserving their traditions and heritage through the museum.

“The museum is very important, it holds the historical treasures that served as a reminder of where we came from and where we are going in the future,” Elecita said.

Elecita also added that they are proud to know that the museum is one of the oldest museums in Micronesia.

After their tour, the group decided to donate cash to support the museum. The group was able to raise $428 from the members and added another matching fund of $428. All in all, the museum, through its Director Olympia Morei, received a total of cash worth $856 from the group.

“I’m sure that is not the end. We will continue to support the Museum in one way or another,” Elecita said.

The group, according to Elecita, decided to do hamlet visitation this year as part of their activities and that was when the idea to visit the museum came up.

According to Elecita, the NgaraMaiberel was formed during the time when the English men came to Palau in the past. A group of women from Koror then went to the ship to offer dance to the English men and that was when the captain of the ship told them, “you are my friend,” hence they came up with the name of the group. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)