[] Palau signs up with St. Luke’s Medical Center

 January 29, 2018 (Philippines) – Palau added another premier hospital to a list of medical care facilities overseas that provide necessary medical care for Palau medical referral patients.

Signing for Palau Healthcare Fund Governing Board were HCF Board members Minister Dr. Emais Roberts, Minister Elbuchel Sadang, Governor Mary Frances Remengesau and HCF Administrator Ulai Teltull. 


Dr. Arturo S. De La Pena, President and CEO of St. Luke’s Medical Center signed for St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Palau Health Care Fund will be paying medical bills directly to the hospitals, relieving Ministry of Health of the burden of handling financial transactions.

While in the Philippines, HCF Board members checked other medical facilities, Adventist Medical Center and Quezon Kidney Institute and looked at services offered.

Members of HCF Governing Board also officially opened the 10-unit condominiums recently purchased for Palau medical referral program at Global City.

The housing is about 15 minutes from both the hospital and airport.  Each unit has a room, a bathroom, kitchenette and living room space, enough to handle one patient and an escort. Each unit is furnished with a bed, a sofabed, dining table, midsize fridge and other kitchen implements.

At the date of opening, seven of the units were already occupied by Palau patients who were discharged from the hospital and awaiting follow ups and/or undergoing medical care.

Each year, Palau sends over 150 patients overseas for specialized care not readily offered in Palau. Palau has agreements with hospitals in the Republic of China-Taiwan, Philippines, Guam, Hawaii and India. [/restrict]