A proposed bill is calling for the conduct of studies on juvenile justice system programs and providing a separate facility for juveniles.
House Bill 11 -101-10S seeks the reexamination of the juvenile justice system for ways to better serve the children of Palau.
The bill said that juvenile delinquents are housed in the same correction facility as adults.
“Juvenile corrections should focus on rehabilitation and behavior correction.

Under the bill, the Ministry of Justice and the Bureau of Public Safety should look into the feasibility of providing separate facilities for juveniles.

The study, according to the bill should be submitted to the OEK and the President no later than June 1, 2023.
The report will include an overview of the current program that is designed to divert children away from the criminal justice system and to educate and rehabilitate delinquent children.
The report also should include the cost analysis of detention facilities for housing juvenile delinquents which will not be proximate to the adult corrections facility.

The cost analysis also provides temporary confinement of a child suspected to be a delinquent.

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