The House of Delegates passed on third reading a proposed bill that will provide for the preservation of records of the state governments. 

House Bill 11-83-9S wants to see a smooth transition in one governor to another during a change of state government leadership. 

The proposed law requires the governor to preserve records.  The House bill was adopted on its 1st reading in the Senate, assigned to Senate JGA Committee.

Senator Rukebai Inabo, during the 4th Day of the 9th Special Session, proposed to add to the bill requirement for the States to provide copies of their financial records to either the Office of the Public Auditor or to the Ministry of State.

“We find that most States do not have annual audits because they have no records,” said Senator Inabo.  She added that such requirement will ensure that state governments have financial records.

“The governor for each state shall ensure that while in office, all government records are preserved and ensure that not later than 30 days after the Governor’s period of service has ended , all preserved records are transferred to the incoming governor,” the bill stated .  

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