A proposed bill introduced in the House of Delegates seeks to stop the sale, distribution, and use of e-cigarettes, also known as “vapes”.

The bill amends Palau’s Tobacco Control Act by adding a new section to stop the “importation, exportation, manufacturing, distribution and selling of electronic cigarettes.”  Furthermore, it prohibits purchasing, possessing or using electronic cigarettes or vapes.

Penalties for purchase, possession and consumption of e-cigarettes can be imprisonment of 24 hours and not more than one year and fine of not less than a $100 and no more than $500.

Travelers bringing e-cigarettes can avoid getting charged by surrendering any e-cigarettes they have at a designated spot before entering Customs area.

The bill findings says that e-cigarettes “poses an immediate and significant public health risk, presenting numerous dangers that include allergic reactions, lung injury and disease, seizures and explosion.”

The bill was introduced by Delegate Noah Kemesong and passed 3rd reading in the House with 13 delegates approving it.  Three delegates were absent during voting, Delegate Gulibert, Delegate Kanai and Delegate Sinsak.

The bill has been transmitted to Senate for its deliberation.

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