The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) 2022  meeting begins  November 27 as the strong members of the Pacific Islands  Forum Fisheries Agency prepare to discuss and take action on a range of measures including fisheries observers redeployment

WCPFC oversees the conservation and management of tuna stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean and after two years of conducting the annual meeting virtually, this year it will be held in person in Vietnam.

The Pacific Islands fisheries officials agree to the redeployment as global; COVID cases drop further.

In the FFA position paper ahead of the WCPFC meeting, the grouping said the suspension of the fisheries deployment has impacted the livelihood of the fisheries observers and also has led to the lack of vital scientific and MCS information over the period of March 2022 to this year.

FFA said that with the health of the observers paramount for the region, it has developed COVId-safety protocols, “ that provide the basis for the safe redeployment of observers back at fishing vessels by 1 January 2023.”

FFA said the plan also ensure the repatriation of fisheries observer after fishing trip without having to contract COVID-19.

FFA is also prioritizing  improving  labor standards for the crew in fishing vessels  and also  discussing a management procedure (MP) for skipjack tuna,

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