The  Joint Region Marianas command and INDOPACOM  can also come to the aid of Palau when it comes to disaster preparedness.

Rear Admiral Benjamin Nicholson, the Joint Region Marianas commander and INDOPACOM’s senior military for the Republic of Palau told local reporters that the US military could also assist in moving vulnerable people to safety, distributing food and water come disaster time.

 “We have quite a bit of capability in moving materials, both airlift and sealift. And sometimes we can do that very quickly, especially in airlift in our ability to get to places.”

The week that the mid-JCM is being held in Palau, e recent storm, labeled Tropical Depression W27, damaged 211 households.

Nicholson said that during the mid-joint committee meeting, representatives spent quite a bit of time talking about disaster relief and humanitarian assistance that can be provided to Palau.

Nicholson said  “for example, if the airport were closed, because there’s so much damage, we have specialties that can come in here and they can reopen the airport. That’s exactly what they do. And in fact, we had a briefing from one of those teams here this week that talked about their ability to do that. “

He said the military  can  come and clear the image during disasters, set up communications,

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