The traditional council of chiefs of Ulimang Village held a ceremonial “blengur” at Ulimang Bai accepting and therefore finalizing the installment of its new member, Harry R. Fritz as Chief NGIRCHAU, on Saturday, April 16, 2022 as observed by members of Ngarchau Clan and friends.

            NGIRCHAU Harry Fritz was appointed by the “Ourrot” of Ngarchau Clan in late 2018 upon the request of the traditional council of chiefs of Ulimang. According to the council, the previous holder of the title of NGIRCHAU informed the council of his decision to step down as member in 2017 due to differences of opinions. Discussions amongst the chiefs in several attempts for most of the year to solve this dilemma with the member was unsuccessful. Word was sent to the Matriarchs of Ngarchau Clan that the position of NGIRCHAU at the council is vacant and must be filled immediately otherwise positions are elevated with the vacant position for Ngarchau Clan dropped to the bottom position.

The traditional title of NGIRCHAU sits within the council as the 3rd High Chief among the five highest chiefs known as “Kebekuul”. Like all the villages of Palau with clans of a village represented within its council of chiefs with the four highest chiefs as “saus” (pillars), the “Rubekul a Ulimang” is slightly different as the fifth chief is among the four high chiefs since Ulimang Village was under NGIRAIRUNG’S leadership.

As tradition dictates, the Ngarchau Clan is obligated and therefore has a role in the process of the “blengur” of which there was a contribution of two local money (Delibelbachel el Mungungau lultebedii a DIRRECHAU Ade Blailes el kingellel ma Kloranges el Berrak el Didellel el etul a mur lultebedii a Silwai Silas) with “tichiaui” in the amount of $10,000.00 US dollars including six turtle shell plates “toluk”. With NGIRCHAU Fritz appointed and therefore accepted by the council of chiefs of Ulimang (NgaraUlimang), the “blengur” ceremony finalizes his position within the council.

            The village has a long history of which close ties with Koror was established centuries ago during high Chief NGIRAIRUNG’s leadership. The village’s council of chiefs was established with a new title BECHES appointed to head the council and NGIRAIRUNG taking the fifth position at the council. Today, it is still practiced by the council that each decision made by the four “saus” is brought to NGIRAIRUNG’s attention before action is taken.

            According to a thesis complied by Ms. Kiblas Soaladaob, there are 12 positions within the council of chiefs of Ulimang. From the top position to the lower level including current title holders and Clans are 1. BECHES Augustino Blailes (Otong), 2. IMRUR Naito Soaladaob (Ngeang), 3. NGIRCHAU Harry Frits (Ngarchau), 4. ERRABELUU Henaro Antonio (Ngerchetaoch), 5. NGIRAIRUNG Isaac Soaladaob (Irrung), 6. NGIRUDIL Tony Besong (Ngerudil), 7. NGIRAITPANG Senovio Sekool (Itpang), 8. RECHELBANG – vacant (Irei), 9. REMEDECHEDUCH Ben Miko (Otong), 10. IYECHANG ERA CHERMALL John Temengil (Edermall), 11. IYECHANG ERA IKUBLAI – vacant (Irrung), and 12. IYECHANG ERA MADELSAR – vacant (Otong).  (Contributed)

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