Irene Olkeriil, a local entrepreneur

A new talk show is set to launch on Monday, April 22, focused on doing business in Palau.  The show called “Dotaut – Tekoi ra Ureor, Doing Business in Palau”, hosted by Irene Olkeriil and Pia Morei focuses on Palauans in business and sharing their stories.

Irene Olkeriil, a local entrepreneur, is launching the program with a desire to inspire and encourage Palauans to see doing business as a rewarding and essential part of a vibrant community.

“The concept is, there’s work, there are opportunities here so let’s start implementing them. Motivate people.  Let people know that business is not only for those already established.  Let’s bring established Palauan business people to share with us how it is.” Explained Ms. Olkeriil of the idea behind the show.

The program is 52 minutes long, 26 minutes with a short commercial break before the last 26 minutes.  The first segment is the introduction of the guest, the background, the experience and the personal story that led to business and the second half focuses on the guest specific skills or specialties that they employ in business.

The show will air on Talungab Media Corporation (TMC Palau) television and YouTube channels every Monday, starting April 22, 2022.

“After being away from Palau for 15 years, I returned thinking that the challenges businesses faced back then were no more and that more opportunities were now available for local entrepreneurs but I found that it was not so.  There are still so many challenges faced by businesses and new entrepreneurs and I am hoping this program will showcase the Palauans who are in business and help encourage more locals to choose the private sector, be it a formal business, a subsistence farmer (makit) or even NGO.” Added Irene Olkeriil of her goals for the show.

The show is co-hosted alternatively with Irene Olkeriil, Pia Morei and Nancy Wong. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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