On January 13, 2017, Mr. Matthew Arurang from Blue Bay Petroleum Inc. (BBPI) presented their donation of $5,000 to Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC).  Moreover, Blue Bay contributed $1,000 in support of PICRC’s 16th Anniversary Fundraising Gala that will be held on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at the Center’s complex.


Blue Bay is a leading corporation in Palau that supports social responsibility and the protection of coral reefs.  Not only is BBPI fully dedicated to the satisfaction of the needs of its customers it gives the same dedication to safety, health, and the environment.

“Blue Bay’s investment in PICRC has provided the opportunity to study issues that are impacting our coral reefs like ocean acidification and declining fish population.  Also Blue Bay’s support makes it possible to spread this knowledge to students and community groups” stated by Ms. Geraldine Rengiil, Director, Research and Aquarium Department.  Palau International Coral Reef Center would like to thank Blue Bay Petroleum Inc. for its continued support and commitment to the environment. [/restrict]