On their 125th anniversary, Bank of Hawaii reached out to Palau Conservation Society with interest to plant trees to mark the Bank’s significant milestone.  With 100 saplings donated from the Division of Forestry, 250 saplings donated from Ngardok Nature Reserve along with 26 volunteers, BOH employees some with family members, and PCS staff met up with Peleliu volunteers last Friday to plant trees in Peleliu.  At Kambek 124 trees were planted and 48 trees in Ngerbekall.  The remaining trees were donated to Peleliu State Government’s beautification program.  Both Kambek and Ngerbekall were selected for planting as they are high activity areas for the community with essential public infrastructure but the areas are under constant threat by strong winds and coastal erosion.  The newly planted trees are planted with hope as they grow will help to reduce coastal erosion and help protect properties and people.  With advice from the Forestry Chief Larry Mamis, the tree species planted are all native species and included btaches, chersachel, omael, chesemolech, kisakes, and blacheos.  Other saplings included buuch, meradel and meringel which were donated to the State for their own use.  The tree planting event could not have been possible without the support of Governor Emais Roberts, Governor Henaro Polloi, Ngardok Nature Reserve Board Chairman Gashgar Rengulbai and members, Division of Forestry MAFE and all of the volunteers including the Melaitul for cooking our lunch.

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