In a 3 day workshop the Koror Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement Rangers and Conservation Officers with Director Jennifer S. Olegeriil were provided orientation and training on the State’s new Koror Southern Lagoon Coastal Fisheries Management Plan.  The workshop opened by Governor Eyos Rudimch, Iyechaderchemai Elia Yobch representing the House of Traditional Leaders, and Speaker Millan Isack addressed 15 key personnel selected from the Department to undergo the orientation and training.  The aim of the workshop was to familiarize the participants with their fisheries management plan to prepare for implementation.  The 3rd day of the workshop, the participants were facilitated through development of what will be their implementation plan for year 1 of the fisheries management plan.  The development of Koror’s Fisheries Management Plan has been two years in the making by the Koror Fisheries Planning Team chaired by Iyechaderchemai Elia Yobch and assisted by PCS with PICRC, BOF and TNC.  With Governor Rudimch the State is building it posture for implementation, while the proposed Koror Coastal Fisheries Management bill is before Speaker Isack and the 12th Koror Legislature.

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