In celebration of the 22nd Independence Day, the Belau Wrestling Federation (BWF) hosted a Beach Wrestling Tournament at Long Island on Friday, September 30, 2016. The action of the day included Gerome Petrus (Palau Wrestling Team) winning the gold medal in the finals against Bradley Tahgulpiy (Palau Community College) in the Mens Senior Heavy Weight Division. Petrus remained undefeated after defeating all 5 of his opponents throughout the day.  John Ochalibul (Palau Community College) defeated Bermino Gashibelyang (PCC) in the Senior Mens Light Weight Division. Ochailibul also dominated all 5 of his opponents  to win the gold medal.  


In the Junior Division, Nick Ko (Palau Mission Academy) defeated Joener Kinsang (Palau High School) in the finals with a takedown to win with a score of 3-0. Uilau Ilibrang Tarkong became the first female to win the Boys / Girls Cadets Division after beating Uili Cooper in the finals. In the Young Boys & Girls Division – (13 and under) Calin Aguon (Airai Elementary School) defeated Ebelbal LutupeniTarkong (Harris Elementary School).  Ebelbal won the first, match, Calin the second match. During the finals, Calin was able to score


Senior Heavy Weight Division – Gerome Petrus (1st), Bradley Tahgulpiy (2nd), Travis Yalmai (3rd), Bernie Sorcety (4th), Bradley Rimirch (5th), Nolly Talingiulimal (6th).

Senior Light Weight Division – John Ochalibul (1st), Bermino Gashibelyang (2nd), Michael Hasugulgam (3rd), Skarlee Renguul (4th), Lorenzo Hasiugiulpiy (5th), Harvey Igrang (6th).

Junior Division – Nick Ko (1st), Joener Kinsang (2nd), Taeyun Kim (3rd), Dylan Tellei (4th), Justice Tervet(5th).

Boys / Girls Cadets Division – Uilau Ilibrang Tarkong (1st), Uili Cooper (2nd).

Young Boys & Girls Division – Calin Aguon (1st), Ebelbal Tarkong (Harris Elementary School).

BWF would like to thank all the athletes for participating in this event. Also, special thanks goes out  to our volunteers, supporters and sponsors to include WCTC, our main corporate sponsor, and other sponsors for the year to include Palau Pacific Resort, Etpison Foundation, HANPA, Landmark Hotel, Payless Market and His Excellency Tommy E. Remengesau Jr. and the Palau National Government, Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC) and United World Wrestling (UWW).  Next year we plan to host this event again so please come join wrestling. [/restrict]