Senior Citizens of Ngchesar State also celebrated combined Senior Citizens Day and Mothers Day.

Yesterday, senior citizens (people aged 55 and above) celebrated their day, the Senior Citizens Day, with a bit more bounce, especially after receiving the supplemental benefits checks from the Social Security Administration Day before the Senior Citizens Day holiday.

The day set aside to recognize and celebrate elders for their contributions, is celebrated in every state in different ways.  In most states, state governments collaborating with community groups sponsored parties and lunches for the elderly, giving them the opportunity to come together, socialize and celebrate together.

Palau like many island countries looks up to elders for their wisdom and guidance.  At the same time, such belief and respect are being eroded under the challenges of new technology and greater exposure to western cultures.

Senior Citizens Day, which is a national holiday aims to direct and focus attention on the value our elders bring to us and our communities.

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